How to convert photographs to digital

In this article we cover 4 methods on how to create digital copies of your physical photographs, we have also included top tips on how to get the best quality copies possible.

Use a digital camera.

You can easily digitalize a physical photograph by simply taking a picture on your digital camera, or on your phone. From there you can then transfer the picture to another device. To transfer the picture from your camera, you will likely need to download the picture from the memory card, in which you should be able to extract from the camera device easily. Alternatively, many modern cameras offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, which you can use to pair with another device to transfer pictures across. It is much simpler to transfer a picture taken on a camera phone, as you should be able to transfer simply using a general sharing app, such as email, social media or messenger.

Use a mobile app.

There are many purpose built smart phone apps available to help you digitalize photographs. These apps will offer functionality to help enhance the quality of the photo, to remove background disturbance and will automatically remove glare caught on camera.

There are many benefits to using a mobile app to digitalize your photograph and there are many different apps to choose from. Our advice would be to take your time to read the reviews of previous users before you commit to downloading an app, this will ensure you choose an app in which is going to achieve your desired outcome.

Use a scanner.

If you have a scanning device at home, then you can use this to easily digitalize your photographs. You can purchase a scanning device online or at a local electronics shop. The price range for home scanners varies, starting from around £79.00 and can cost as much as £400 for a top quality device. However, if you only have a small amount of photographs to scan, then we would recommend trying the first two methods first, alternatively you may find it more cost effective to try the fourth.

Use a professional service.

There are many services available to help you to digitalize your photographs. If you are looking for an instant service, you can try with a local print shop or factory. If you are local to A Loving Tribute (Horsham, West Sussex), we would be more than happy to assist you with converting your photographs.

There are also a number of online stores in which offer a converting service. The process is usually straight forward, you send your original photograph to the service provider and they will convert to digital and send you the digital copy via email and return the original. If you do choose to use an online service, make sure to take the time to research the companies and read the reviews left from previous customers. It is important to send any original photographs via tracked mail, to avoid losing the original copy in the post.

Tips to help you maximize the quality of digitalization

If you are looking to convert your photographs to digital at home, then there are certainly things you can do to maximise the quality of your digital copy.

  • Turn off the flash on your device to avoid glare.
  • Take the photo straight on, not at an angle.
  • Avoid background clutter.
  • Use auto focus where necessary.