Write the perfect funeral thank you card

Thank you cards are often associated with weddings and few people realise that they are also common after funerals as well. It may even be the first time you are hearing about such funeral formalities, and if it is, do not worry. We have all the key information for you to look over right here. From the purpose of funeral thank you cards to the best ways to write them, we have covered all bases in our simple guide.

The Purpose of a Funeral Thank You Card

Funerals are full of little details that you may never have realised, and many of those details include writing information for attendees. One prime example is order of service booklets which are used by loved ones and family throughout the service. A funeral thank you card has a different purpose and is a personal way of showing your gratitude for people’s attendance, well wishes or specific help.

Funeral thank you cards may be sent to all attendees of the funeral - but that is not very common. They are more often sent to specific individuals who have gone out of their way to offer their sympathies or to help with the service, such as a priest or a close friend who helped organise the funeral. 

Who you send them to is entirely up to you, but they have the primary aim of saying thank you to the other person in a unique way which goes beyond the ordinary ways of showing gratitude. They are also seen as a much more personal way of thanking someone else.

DoYou Send Thank You Cards for Funeral flowers? 

Above we mentioned that thank you cards are rarely sent to all attendees of the funeral but reserved as a special way of saying thank you to people who have gone above and beyond what was expected of them. 

Sending flowers is likely to be considered something going the extra mile in their condolences and would therefore warrant a funeral thank you card. If anyone sends you flowers or any type of gift after your loss, a thank you card would be a nice way to repay their kindness and show how much their flowers meant during a sensitive time. 

More of The Best Reasons to Send a Funeral Thank You Card

Flowers are one of the most common reasons to send a thank you note, but there are some other common reasons why a funeral thank you note should be sent. These include:

  • Someone reading at the funeral service or telling a memory about the deceased
  • The clergy members
  • Anyone sending condolence cards
  • Anyone that helped arrange the service
  • Musicians who performed at the service or the wake
  • Anyone donating to charities in honour of the deceased

  • How Long After a Funeral Do You Send Thank You Cards?

    With funeral thank you cards there is a little bit of etiquette to consider. Most people will not expect a thank you card immediately after the funeral. If you send it too soon after the service it may also look like you rushed the cards and they were not written with enough sincerity or thought. 

    The ideal time to send a funeral thank you card is around two to three weeks after the service. This will give you enough time to come up with a personal and unique way of telling the recipient how grateful you were for their presence and help during a difficult time. 

    However, it is never too late to send a thank you card. The people receiving them are understanding that a funeral does not stop the grieving process and writing thank you cards may not have been top of your priorities during this period. If several more weeks have passed since the funeral and you have not written a thank you note, do not feel like it is too late. Your recipient will appreciate the kind gesture just as much. 

    What to Say in a Funeral Thank You Card? 

    Writing a funeral thank you card should not be seen as a formality but a genuine way of expressing your feelings towards the other person. For that reason, using a standard text for every funeral thank you card you send must be avoided.

    The thank you card should be made unique and personal to that person and what you are thanking them for. As a starter, it must state their name and not be addressed to a title that could have been copied and pasted to any other person. This is also why handwritten thank you notes are better than typed-up ones. 

    After the introductions, you should let them know why you are sending a thank you note. This means explicitly stating what you are thanking them for, whether it be for funeral flowers, a condolence card or their help on the day of the funeral. The more specific you can be the better as it makes the card even more personal. It also shows the other person that you recognised their specific actions and shows you have made equal effort.

    Getting Professional Help

    You may want to make your funeral thank you cards extra special and pay to have the card designed in a beautiful way or pay for writing services, handwriting services or just a proofreader to make sure your thank you cards are perfect in every way. There are also companies specialising in funeral literature who are able to create the perfect tone, always following your direction.

    Get Help from A Loving Tribute

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