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A6 Memory Cards

Memory cards offer a simple alternative to condolence books at the funeral service. Ensure these cards are available to attendees following the funeral service or celebration of life. Guests can take time to write down their most treasured memories of your loved one, creating a collection of wonderful stories.

Our memory cards are supplied in packs of 25 x A6 cards (148mm x 105mm).

Why share a memory cards?

Why use share a memory cards?

At a funeral service or wake, sharing memories can be a powerful way to honour and remember the departed. One thoughtful way to facilitate this is by providing share a memory cards to attendees. These cards offer a space for guests to write down cherished memories of your loved one.

To distribute these cards effectively, consider placing them in prominent locations throughout the service venue. You can set up a designated area which holds the Memorial Board and a jar or basket, to collect the cards once guests have added to them.

For a more intimate touch, consider including the share a memory cards within the Funeral Order of Service booklets. This ensures each guest will recieve a card, and it invites them to share a memory during the service, fostering a sense of connection and collective remembrance.

However you choose to distribute them, share a memory cards provide a meaningful opportunity for mourners to honour the memory of their loved one and find comfort in shared experiences.

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Great quality printing and the team couldn’t be more helpful.

"Great quality printing and the team couldn’t be more helpful. I used my own design and the website was easy and intuitive to use while uploading the design. All of this even more important given the nature of the item (Funeral Order of Service). Would highly recommend." Pete Richardson.

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