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Personalised Memorial Boards

Our funeral photo boards (memorial boards) are a wonderful tribute to display at the funeral service.
Available on A2 foamex boards, display your favourite picture of your loved one with pride during the service.
Our photo boards also make a fitting addition to display at the wake following the service itself.

Select style of board
Select Style
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or a multiple photo template
Personalise the template
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our online design tool
Share your design
Share Design
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Complete order
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Let us create the photo board for you…

If you do not wish to create the photo board using our online editor, then let our team do it for you.

Simply send us an email, which includes the photo(s) you wish and we will create the photo board for you.

You can customise the board however you wish, we can add captions, additional photos and illustrations.

Once we have received your request, we will create the board and share a digital copy with you, for you to review before all goes to print.

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Fantastic service from start to finish

"Fantastic service from start to finish. Initial contact was swift and very helpful. The design was beautiful and exceeded all my expectations. I am delighted with the design and quality of the product and the amazing service that was given. The delivery was very quick too. Thank you so much A Loving Tribute great service." Nicola Lyon.