Why A Loving Tribute Books?

A condolence book is a book in which mourners can pass on their condolences to the family following a bereavement. Traditional condolence books are usually displayed at the funeral service or at the wake following the funeral. Family and friends would be given the opportunity during the service to add their messages and pass on their condolences.

We have designed and developed a mobile phone application in which enables you to create, manage and share condolence books, from the comfort of your phone. In this article we will explain why our new technology is a better alternative to traditional condolence books and why they make the perfect keepsakes for families who have lost a loved one.

Create condolence books from the comfort of your phone.

No ‘set up’ required for creating a condolence book, simply download the app, register an account and you are good to go. No contact with our team is required and you can create condolence books in minutes. The app is completely free to download, and is available on both IOS and Android devices. To create your book all you need is the book name (usually the name of the deceased), a subtitle (we recommend life dates) and to populate the first page of your book with a photograph and your own message, should you wish to add one to the book.

Invite friends and family to add their memories and photographs.

Once you have purchased your book, you gain the ability to invite friends and family to add their messages. Whether their messages consist of wonderful stories of the past, personal memories, or heartfelt condolences, it will mean so much to receive them. We also provide the ability for guests to share photographs within the condolence book should they have a favourite to share.

Order multiple copies of your condolence book for additional family members.

Once your book is complete, full of wonderful memories and stories from loved ones, you may wish to order multiple copies to share with additional family members. We offer the option to purchase additional printed copies when you send your book to print, to ensure no one misses out. Our condolence books make for the most heartfelt gifts, whether that be as a bereavement gift or for a special occasion, the memories of a loved one lost are invaluable.

Preview your book before it goes to print.

As the book owner, you will have the ability to see messages added to your book in real time. Our app also enables you to download a PDF preview of your book as and when you wish to preview the contents. The preview will show the PDF in which is sent to print once your book is completed, the first page of the PDF will populate with the cover information, the second page will always remain blank (this is the inner cover page of your book). The following pages will populate with all your wonderful condolence messages left by friends and family. Once your book has gone to print, it will remain available in your app library for 30 days, during these 30 days you will be able to download the PDF copy for your own personal keepsake – to keep should you wish to have any additional copies printed in the future.

No Delivery charges (UK Delivery only).

Our costs are inclusive of post and packaging, as well as delivery. We ask for 10 working days in order to process your order, print you book and have it safely dispatched to you.

Easy to use.

Our books app is extremely easy to use. Specifically design with all generations in mind. We aim to provide a service which is simple, easy and effective to use. We also offer video walk throughs, product help resource and a lovely support team, should anyone require any assistance using our app.

Not just for funerals.

Our books app is not just for funerals. The condolence books created via our app can be remembrance books to mark an anniversary of the passing of a loved one, or can be created at any time following a loss. We stress that the messages left in our books, should not just be condolences but should include happy memories, stories and photographs of your loved ones life. Enabling you to create a book full of wonderful snippets of their life, which you can use to look back and cherish for years to come.

Keeping the memories of your loved ones alive, captured on paper, for all of time.

Download our app today: Download here.