How to create a memory book in memory of a loved one

Are you considering creating a memory book but don’t know where to start? Take a read of our latest article in which we hope will help you to create the perfect memory book in honour of your loved one.

What is the purpose of a memory book?

A memory book is a book in which is filled with photographs and memories of a loved one, to use in time of reflection, for the reader to look back and reminisce over time past. Memory books help mourners to process loss by reminding them of happier times, during such a difficult period. 

What to include in a memory book


Include sections within your memory book that refers to the characteristics of your loved one. What made them unique? What did people love most about them? Did they have any talents or hobbies?

Our characteristics define who we are, therefore, characteristics are appropriate to include in a memory book dedicated to a specific person. Whether you create a full page dedicated to their character, or whether you include captions or snippets throughout the book, you will appreciate taking the time when you look back over the years to come.


You will find that photographs are likely to make up for the majority of the content of memory books, bringing the pages to life with colour and snapshots of the most special moments. Include pictures from the early days all the way through to the end. Photos from their childhood, school days, teenage years, wedding day, birthday celebrations, are all wonderful aspects to include in the memory book.

When creating an online memory book, you may wish to include physical photographs, in which you do not have access to a digital copy. Rest assured you do not need to use the original copy, creating a digital copy of a photograph is easier than you may think. We have published an article on ‘How to convert photographs to digital’ to help if needed.


More often than not, we find that people fill their memory books with photographs but don’t caption them, nor do they use text to tell the story behind the photographs. As time passes and the months turn to years, it is likely that you will forget certain details about the moment captured in the photograph. Therefore, we always encourage people to include written accounts of special memories they hold of their loved ones, to ensure it is captured on paper and never forgotten. Using text as well as imagery will also give others the opportunity to understand the moment and why you had chosen to include it in the memory book.

Poems or song lyrics

Poems, song lyrics, prayers or extracts of a favourite novel, are all appropriate to include within a memory book. Whether it is a poem your loved one used to read, a prayer that helped them get through tough times or a song they had loved throughout the years, if it reminds you of your loved one, then it is appropriate to include in a memory book. You can also choose to include readings, poems or songs that were included in the funeral service, should you wish to.

Extracts of condolence messages

If you had a condolence book, or a memorial board created, or had even received sympathy cards following the death of your loved one, then you can choose to include extracts of these in your memory book. A true reminder that your loved one had touched the hearts of many.

How do you write a good memory?

When writing a memory, you want to add as much detail as you can. Take time to recall the moment, do not rush it. Try to paint a picture to the reader, of that moment. If you remember the day, month, season, include this detail. If anyone else was there, make sure to include them. If your memory was around a specific location, make sure to name it. These elements will all help the reader to indulge in the memory, and will take you back to that exact moment each time you read the book.

Creating a memory book online

If you are looking to create a memory book, then consider A Loving Tribute. Our memory books come as A5 softback books and A4 hardback books. Creating a memory book could not be easier, you can use our online editing tool in which gives you full creative flexibility, allowing you to add as many photos, text blocks or captions as you like to fill the pages.

If you wish to create a memory book, but do not feel comfortable using an online tool, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team, who are always happy to help.