How to create a memory book in memory of a loved one

Are you considering creating a memory book but don’t know where to start? Take a read of our latest article in which we hope will help you to create the perfect memory book in honour of your loved one.

What is the purpose of a memory book?

A memory book is a book filled with photographs and memories of a loved one, to use in time of reflection, to reminisce on all good times past. Memory books help mourners to process loss by reminding them of happier times and helps them to find solace in cherished memories. Not only are memory books a key tool in supporting mourners to process loss, they are also a valuable keepsake in which you will cherish for years to come.

What to include in a memory book


Make sure to capture the unique characteristics of your loved one, including their talents, hobbies, and what made them special. Incorporate dedicated sections or captions throughout the memory book in which references their character and what people loved most about them. It is also recommended to add captions detailing any great achievements they had celebrated, or if they had a particular hobby or interest in which they had enjoyed.


Fill the pages of the memory book with photographs, in which captures their most precious moments, from childhood through to adulthood. Include images from their school days, birthdays, wedding, and any other joyful events which they had celebrated throughout their life.


Understand the importance of adding written accounts alongside photographs to preserve the stories behind each memory. Ensure that the details are captured, preserving that moment and allowing future readers to enjoy their memory.

Poems or song lyrics

Explore the inclusion of meaningful poems, song lyrics, prayers, or excerpts from their favourite novel. Incorporate extracts that remind you of your loved one and reflect their interests and values.

Extracts of condolence messages

Consider including excerpts from condolence books, memorial boards, or sympathy cards as a reminder of the impact your loved one had on others' lives.

How do you write a good memory?

The best recorded memories are the entries whereby the writer has taken the time to recount the moment and has written a clear and detailed memoir of the event. Include details such as the dates, location and people present. Create a vivid experience for readers.

Creating a memory book online

At A Loving Tribute we offer a platform with an easy to use online editor for creating memory books. Our tool provides you with creative freedom and flexibility to craft the perfect memory book, filled with all the most precious memories of your loved one. Our memory books are available in two different formats, A5 softback books and A4 hardback books. Add photos, text blocks, and captions effortlessly, creating a lasting tribute, in which you can treasure for years to come.

If you prefer assistance for creating a memory book, our team is always happy to help. Contact us here for guidance, support and to learn more about how we can help you.

Remember, creating a memory book is a heartfelt way to honour and preserve the legacy of your loved one. Start preserving precious moments today with A Loving Tribute.

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