How to make a funeral memory board

Until you have to arrange a funeral, you never truly understand all the little details that need to be accounted for. From the type of funeral service that will be held, to planning the funeral flower arrangements, to the order of service booklets, there are plenty of things that may have never crossed your mind about a funeral.

One of those things may also be a funeral memory board. These boards can help create a beautiful service or wake - and can even help with the grieving process. Learn more about what a funeral memory board is, as well as its purpose and how to make one - right here.

What Is a Funeral Memory Board?

A traditional funeral memory board is a type of display board with photos stuck to it. The display board can range in size from small enough to fit on a table to large enough to cover a whole wall. Some people prefer to make one large funeral memory board while others choose to make lots of smaller ones they can add to different locations.

What Is the Purpose of a Funeral Memory Board?

The purpose of a funeral memory board is to remind mourners of all the positive memories of the deceased. It is a way to spark memories between funeral attendees and guests of things they did together, happy moments and their adventures together. For this reason most people tend to use holiday photos, photos marking significant events such as birthdays, graduation and wedding days - and of course funny embarrassing photos which will make people smile and laugh about the old times they had together.

A funeral memory board may also have a secondary purpose as a way to help people with the grieving process. Helping them to hold on to memories gone by can have a positive effect on accepting their passing, and allow them to focus on the good times together rather than their recent departure.

Where Do You Put a Funeral Memory Board?

A funeral memory board may be positioned in two different places but often travels between these two locations throughout the day of the funeral. They may be found at the door of the church, or just inside or just outside of the church gate. They may also be positioned within the venue where the wake is taking place.

The Best Ways to Make a Funeral Memory Board

Gathering the Right Photos

Making a funeral memory board can be a difficult process for some people early in the grieving process and it is recommended to tackle the job as a family or small group. Doing it together allows you all to support each other, but it also helps you offer different personal photos that you have which may have been missed. It may also be worthwhile to ring older friend of the deceased who may have photos to contribute to the board.

Gathering the photos should be the first step in creating a loving memory board. Try to balance out the serious photos with some funnier ones, and also try to get different photos throughout their life - old and new together.

Organising the Photos

You may be the type of person who just throws all the photos together without any order, and if that is how you prefer to do things then there is nothing wrong with that. Yet, many people like to trial and error different ways of presenting the photos. They may choose to order them in years something like a timeline - or mix them up but keep a nice colour pattern going.

When doing this you should do it on the board you will use so you can be aware of the space available and to give a clear idea of how it will look when finished.

Adding them to the Board

When you add them to the board make sure you do not damage them. A lot of people prefer to sue Blu Tack with paperclips around the edges rather than using pins or glue.

Have a Memory Board Printed

A loving Tribute is here for you in times of need. Instead of adding to the worry or stress during a sensitive time trying to organise a funeral, allow us to take over the smaller details. We provide an array of services that help you create a personal and loving funeral service. Including the printing of memorial boards.

Having your memorial board printed, ensures no original photographs are used in the process. You can have a single photograph memorial board or multiple photograph memorial board printed and the final look of the board is clean and beautifully presented. Click here to read more about our boards.

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