Creating The Perfect Funeral Order Of Service

We all know just how important it is to arrange a funeral that truly reflects the life of your loved one, and arranging their funeral service is something which is very personal to the individual. Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to the various elements which may be included.

The order of service is one of the ways in which you can really inject some of that personal touch into the event.

This funeral order of service booklet will usually outline the ceremony’s schedule and is sent to those who are unable to attend or handed to mourners when they arrive. While it has a practical purpose, it’s also a great way to remember the deceased and to help those who cared about them to recall special times.

Some of the elements which are usually found in an order of service include songs and hymns, readings and poems, photos and anything else which you can think of to create a unique memento that celebrates your loved one’s life.

It’s more than just a schedule, it’s a special commemoration of your loved one that their friends and family can cherish forever.

What Should Be Included

  • A front cover
  • A schedule of the service itself
  • Treasured moments and special memories
  • The final page

Usually, the front cover of the booklet will be fairly simple. It may feature a photograph of your loved one with their name and dates of birth and death as well as the date, location and time of the funeral service. You may also want to add a quote or message.

Choosing A Photograph

It can be trickier than you might think to find the right photograph of the deceased. You should look for one which best reflects their character and personality, and preferably where they appear on their own rather than in a group. You can choose either a photograph from their past or a recent image, and you needn’t choose something formal and serious – lots of people prefer to choose a photo that captures a happy memory or which raises a smile.

The Service Schedule

Inside the booklet, the first page will usually have the order of the service outlined to let mourners know what to expect during the ceremony. The schedule might include:

  • Music as the mourners arrive
  • An introduction from the celebrant
  • The words for any hymns or songs
  • Any speeches, verses or readings and who will be reading them
  • Prayers
  • The committal
  • The closing music

Precious Memories

The next page of the booklet is where you can really personalise the order of service. You can add here some special moments and precious memories of your loved one, perhaps by adding photos or some of your loved ones’ favourite poems, song lyrics or quotes.

You may even wish to add information about achievements and milestones in their life.

The Final Page

The back page of your funeral order of service often includes another image of your loved one, perhaps with their family or friends. If there are any preferred organisations or charities to give donations to, this is where they should be mentioned.

This is also where you thank those who came to the ceremony and, if there will be a wake, where the event will be held.

Choosing Funeral Stationery

Finding the right funeral stationery is an important part of commemorating your loved one’s life. We have an excellent choice of lovely funeral stationery that we can personalise to suit your requirements to make a truly unique memento that celebrates the life of your loved one. You can be confident that every booklet we make is printed to the highest standards on high-quality paper.

Not only do we produce beautiful funeral order of services, we also produce Memory Books in both hardback and softback options to create a lasting legacy of your loved one for their friends and family. We also create beautiful A2 Memorial Boards for the funeral service itself, along with many smaller offering, such as forget-me-not flower seeds and personalised tissue packs.

Here at A Loving Tribute, we know how important it is to find just the right way to celebrate the life of a loved one and to create a unique reminder for those who remember them fondly.

We make it easy to customise the perfect funeral order of service or memory book with our user-friendly online tools. With free layouts and backgrounds to help, you’ll be able to create a loving commemoration of a life well lived.