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Creating The Perfect Funeral Order Of Service

We all know just how important it is to arrange a funeral that truly reflects the life of your loved one, and arranging the funeral order of service is an important part of this process.

The order of service booklets are a way in which you can really inject some of that personal touch into the event. These booklets will usually outline the ceremony’s schedule and are handed out to mourners when they arrive to the funeral, they are also sent to those who are unable to attend. While it has a practical purpose, it’s also a great way to remember the deceased and to help those who cared about them to recall special memories.

What’s included? An order of service includes songs and hymns, readings and poems, photos, and anything else you may wish to include to create a unique memento that celebrates your loved one’s life. It’s more than just a schedule; it’s a special commemoration of your loved one, that friends and family can cherish forever.

What Should Be Included:

A front cover: The front cover of the booklet should be simple, featuring a photograph of your loved one along with their name and life dates (date of birth and date of death). Include the date, location, and time of the funeral service, and consider adding a meaningful quote or message.

A schedule of the service itself: The inner pages of the booklet should outline the order of the service, providing mourners with a guideline of what to expect during the ceremony. Include details such as the entrance music, an introduction from the service leader (welcoming words), any hymns or songs which will be included, speeches or readings, prayers, the committal or blessing, and the closing music. It is important to note that different religions will have different funeral proceedings and these will need to be considered and included in the service schedule.

Treasured moments and special memories: Use the remaining space (or add additional pages) within the booklet to add photos, favourite poems, song lyrics, quotes, and details about achievements and milestones in your loved one's life.

The final page: The back cover page of the funeral order of service often includes another image of your loved one, possibly with their family or friends. Mention any preferred organizations or charities for donations. Express gratitude to those who attended the ceremony and provide details about the wake or post-funeral gathering.

You can see an order of service example below, using our snowdrops order of service design. You can see this is a standard 4 page booklet. All booklets supplied via A Loving Tribute can be increased in increments of 4 pages. This cover page contains a portrait photo, full name, life dates and details such as date, time and location of the service. The inner pages have been used to outline the full funeral service programme. In this example, we have included the entrance music, words of welcome, readings and whom they are read by, songs and hymns, the Lords prayer, the committal and the exit music. On the back cover page, we have included a photo, words of appreciation, details of the wake and of the chosen charity in which donations can be made.

order of service example

How to choose the right photo

It can be difficult to find the right photograph for the order of service. Our advice is to look for one which best reflects their character and personality, and preferably where they appear on their own rather than in a group. You can choose either a photograph from their past or a more recent one. Don’t simply opt for a photo because it is formal and serious, many prefer to choose a photo that captures a happy memory or which raises a smile.

Choosing Funeral Stationery

Finding the right funeral stationery is an important part of commemorating your loved one's life. At A Loving Tribute, we offer an excellent choice of beautiful funeral stationery that can be personalised to suit your needs, creating a truly unique memento that celebrates the life of your loved one. Our funeral order of services are printed to the highest standards on high-quality paper, to ensure they are visually pleasing and that they can be kept as a valuable keepsake following the funeral service.

In addition to funeral order of services, we also offer memory books in both hardback and softback options, beautiful A2 funeral memorial boards for the service itself, along with smaller offerings such as forget-me-not flower seed packs and personalised tissue packs.

Need help or further guidance? Don’t hesitate to send across any questions you might have, we are always happy to help.


Please note: The example order of service used in this article has been created by A Loving Tribute for demonstration purposes only. This example uses stock images and fictitious content published for reference only.

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