Funeral order of service ideas 2023

A funeral order of service is a printed booklet that outlines the proceedings of a funeral service. It typically includes details of the service, such as the order of events, hymns, and readings. In recent years, there has been a shift towards more personalized funeral services, and the order of service has become an important addition for remembering the life and personality of the deceased.

In this article, we cover funeral order of service ideas for 2023, in a hope that we can help you to create a memorable and meaningful tribute.

Consider who the order of service is for

It is important to remember that the funeral order of service is dedicated to and in remembrance of the deceased. Try to put your own personal preferences aside and contemplate what their wishes would have been, if they were to be choosing their own.

If they held religious beliefs, you may wish to consider a more formal design, in which is suitable for that religion. For example, a person of catholic beliefs, may have wished for a catholic funeral order of service booklet, in which incorporated the catholic beliefs and religious symbols in the design.

If the person was of a younger age, they may have chosen a modern funeral order of service design, whereas someone from the older generations, may prefer a more traditional approach. It is vital to consider who the order of service is dedicated to, and what they would have choosen themselves.

Choose a theme

Consider choosing a theme for the funeral service that reflects the personality and interests of the deceased. For example, if they were a keen gardener, you could include floral decorations, plant-themed readings, and hymns that relate to nature. If they enjoyed the coast, you could include a coastal landscape within the design and incorporate seashells into the floral arrangements.

Include personal photos

Including personal photos in the order of service is a great way to honour the life of the deceased. Choose photos that capture special memories throughout their life, and find space to include a brief description of each photo.

Write a eulogy

A eulogy is a tribute to the deceased that is typically delivered during the funeral service. A family member, or close friend, is traditionally tasked with reading the eulogy during the service. Consider writing the eulogy in celebration of the deceased, that highlights their life, achievements, and personality. You could also ask family members and friends to contribute their own memories and stories.

Create a timeline of their life

Contemplate creating a timeline of the deceased's life, highlighting key moments and achievements. This can be a great way to showcase their life story and accomplishments, and can provide a sense of closure for family and friends.

Incorporate music

Music can play a powerful role in a funeral service. Make sure to choose songs that were meaningful to the deceased and even take into consideration live music performances or hiring a choir to sing hymns. Alternatively, you could ask a close relative or family friend to perform a piece of music, in dedication to your loved-one. You can find inspiration on songs to sing at a funeral here.

Include a moment of silence

Including a moment of silence in the funeral service can be a powerful and respectful way to honour the deceased. If you have access to a screen during the service, consider using this time to play a slideshow of photographs showcasing the life of your loved one.

Offer a memento

Consider offering a small memento to family and friends as a keepsake alongside the funeral order of service booklets. This could be a photograph of the deceased with a brief biography printed on the reverse. Alternatively, you could hand out flower seed packs, for mourners to plant in remembrance of your loved one.

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