How can we help fix your photos?

Have you got a photo that you are looking to use in the order of service booklet or a memory book, but have found it is slightly damaged?

At A Loving Tribute, we understand the importance of preserving and honouring cherished memories, especially during difficult times. That's why we have recently introduced a new photo correction service to our offering, where our skilled studio team can enhance your photos and remove damage, creases, and tears – all completely free of charge.

How does our photo correction service work?

Create an account: Start by creating an account with A Loving Tribute here. It's quick and easy.

Submit your photo: Once you're set up, email your photo to Let us know what specific corrections or enhancements you would like us to make. Our compassionate team will carefully review the photo and inform you if we can assist you with your request.

Expert correction applied: After our team has assessed your photo, we will apply the necessary corrections to restore and enhance its quality. We have the expertise to address issues like damage, creases, tears, and other imperfections that may have affected your photo.

Corrected photo supplied: Once the correction process is complete, we will upload the enhanced photo to your account. This enables you to easily use it when creating your order of service booklet or memory book. Additionally, we will send you a digital copy of the corrected photo directly, so you can treasure it forever.

Examples of photo correction service below…

Crease correction

Example of creased photo before and after photo correction service applied

Damage correction

Example of damaged photo before and after photo correction service applied

Important to note: we cannot fix all

Whilst we strive to restore and enhance photos to the best of our ability, there are instances where a photo may be beyond repair. In such cases, we will still clean up discrepancies and enhance the photo, even if complete restoration is not possible.

Example as below…

Example of before and after photo correction service applied, but could not completely restore.

We believe in supporting our customers during their time of need. That's why we offer this valuable service completely free of charge. We want to ensure that you get the most out of your order with A Loving Tribute and create a meaningful tribute to your loved ones.

Preserving memories is our mission at A Loving Tribute. With our photo correction service, you can restore your damaged photos and create a heartfelt tribute in your order of service booklet or memory book. Don't let imperfections tarnish your precious memories - let us help you restore their beauty

Are you looking to restore a photo to use as a funeral tribute? Create an account with A Loving Tribute today and entrust us with your cherished memories.

Please note: Photographs used as examples in this article are owned and belong to the A Loving Tribute team. We fully respect the privacy of our customers and real customer images would never be made available to the public.

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