An interview with Lucy

Introducing Lucy Best, a trial user for our A Loving Tribute Book app. We got in contact with Lucy during the final stages of developing our app, to ask if she would try out the app and provide her honest feedback. Upon download, Lucy wasted no time in getting stuck straight in, creating her book, inviting friends and family to add messages and agreed to an interview following her trial. Below you can take a read of everything Lucy had to say, in her own words, from her own user experience using the A Loving Tribute Books app.

We have designed and developed a mobile phone application in which enables you to create, manage and share condolence books, from the comfort of your phone. In this article we will explain why our new technology is a better alternative to traditional condolence books and why they make the perfect keepsakes for families who have lost a loved one.

What did you think of the concept of our app?

I think it is a great idea! For families that are grieving, the app gives them time to add their own thoughts, in their own time, at their own pace. I also love that you can share photos, that makes all the difference.

A true happy keepsake, of all memories which they can look back on in years’ time. It is special, as the messages are personal, from each family member about that person that they have lost. I think it will really help with someone grieving loss as they can write down their favorite memories and have the keepsake to look back on and keep reminding them of good times, as opposed to just the last moments.

How easy did you find the app to use?

I thought the sign-up page was straight forward. The welcome message clearly explained the app. I think it is straight forward to use and suitable for all generations. Adding messages and pictures is straight forward and I could imagine everyone in my family finding it extremely easy to use. I like that you don’t over complicate the design of the app, and that the font is large. That makes me feel like my Grandad would be able to use it.

How easy did you find inviting friends and family?

So straight forward. I like the fact that the invitation is prewritten, it makes that process so quick and simple. I also like that you can adjust the wording if needed. As I have a few family members who would need a little more personalisation, but that was so easy to do, and I was able to add ‘love you’ to the end of my family messages, to add that personal touch.

Would you recommend A Loving Tribute Books?

Absolutely. In fact, I have already started recommending this app. I wish I had access to this app for members of my family in the past. I would so love to have memories of my family members written out in a book, which I can read through and share with my own children one day. I will most definitely recommend this service moving forward.

Keeping the memories of your loved ones alive, captured on paper, for all of time.

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