Things to consider when choosing a funeral poem

Losing a loved one is never easy, and planning their funeral can be a difficult and emotional task. Choosing a funeral poem to honour and pay tribute to the departed can be especially challenging. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This article will guide you on things to consider when selecting a funeral poem, including checking for the deceased's wishes, considering religious vs. non-religious options, selecting the appropriate reader, choosing uplifting options, avoiding inappropriate content, and printing the poem as a keepsake.

By following these tips, you can select a funeral poem that honours your loved one and provides comfort to those in attendance.

Funeral Wishes

It's crucial to check if the deceased has left instructions on the readings or poems they want included in their service. Funeral wishes can usually be found outlined in the Will of the deceased or may have been discussed with a close relation. If so, you can plan around these wishes.

Religious Vs. Non-Religious

Check with the person arranging the funeral if the service will be religious or non-religious, and ensure that the readings or poems you choose are appropriate for the faith of the departed. Avoid offending anyone by respecting their beliefs.

Who to Give the Reading

Usually, an immediate family member or close friend will carry out the readings during the funeral service. Ensure that the reader is comfortable doing so and have a backup person available if necessary.

The Order of Service

You'll have a set running order for the service. The number of readings may vary depending on the type of service and the time allotted. Let the readers know when they are to perform their readings, this will provide them a sense of comfort and will ensure the service runs smoothly.

Consider Uplifting Options

Funeral poems don't have to be sad. Consider an uplifting poem or adding humor to the reading, as long as it's not offensive. Poems about life, love, and family are great options to pay your respects.

Write Your Own

Consider writing your own poem to pay tribute to your loved one. Incorporate their wonderful memories, characteristics, and traits into the poem to make it personal.

Things to Avoid

Avoid using curse words, making the poem about yourself, making it too lengthy, or including content that could be disrespectful or offensive to the family.

Printing the Poem

Print a copy of the reading to guide the reader and provide them something to focus on. This will also ensure that another reader can take over if necessary. You may also want to offer the printed poem as a ceremonial tribute during the burial or cremation. Consider including the poem in the Order of Service booklets.

Choosing a funeral poem can be a personal and emotional task. Consider the wishes of the deceased, the type of service, and the beliefs of the family when selecting a poem. Don't be afraid to include uplifting options or write your own poem to make it personal. Avoid any content that could be disrespectful or offensive to the family. Finally, print a copy of the reading to guide the reader and provide a keepsake for the attendees.