10 Questions you might ask when creating a funeral order of service

In this article we will address 10 questions in which our team frequently get asked when contacted by our customers. We hope that it will help guide you through the creation of a perfect order of service booklet. If you have any questions left unanswered, please send them to our Customer Service team, who are always happy to help.

1. What is a traditional funeral Order of Service?

Every funeral is different and there is no one way in which a funeral service is led. However, below we have outlined a traditional running order of a funeral service.

  • Entrance music
  • Introduction
  • First prayer or reading
  • Music or hymn
  • Additional reading
  • Moment of reflection (in silence or accompanied by music)
  • Eulogy or Life Tribute
  • Thank you and acknowledgements
  • Exit music

The running order is outlined on the inner pages of the order of service, enabling guests to read along.

2. What does an Order of Service booklet look like?

The front cover of the funeral order of service booklet includes the following: full name of the deceased, life dates (date of birth and date of death), date of ceremony. It is also recommended to use a photograph of the deceased on the front cover of the booklet. We recommend using a photograph in which reflects their personality, cropping any additional family or friends out of the image.

3. What do you include on the back cover of your funeral Order of Service?

Typically the back cover of an Order of Service includes the details of the chosen charity for donations, information on where the wake is being held and a photograph of the deceased with their family members. Family also often use this space to pass on their thanks for attendance.

4. What photographs are appropriate on a funeral Order of Service?

There really is no right or wrong answer to this. You can use a recent photograph or one that truly reflects the personality of the departed. We advise against using an image of poor quality, such as one that has been developed badly, one that is blurry or one that is damaged, as this will impact the overall appearance of your booklet. We also strongly recommend using any photographs which may cause offence or be disrespectful to the departed.

5. Do you have to have an Order of Service at a funeral?

Truthfully, no. However, it is highly recommended. By providing an Order of Service booklet, you are enabling mourners to follow with the ceremony and read/sing/ follow along with any songs or readings included in the service. Family and friends will also keep the Order of Service as keepsakes following the funeral, which will help them to remember your loved ones in the weeks/months/years to come and will support them through their own mourning process.

6. How many songs do you have at a funeral?

Typically, two songs are played at a funeral. The Entrance music and the Exit music. However, you can include an additional one or two songs if timing allows. This is particularly popular during the moment of reflection – which is usually accompanied with a slideshow of photographs capturing milestone/ happy moments throughout the deceased’s life.

7. What file format should photographs/images be uploaded in?

We require image files to be uploaded in a PNG or JPEG file format.

8. What songs are appropriate for a funeral?

We have a blog explaining the best songs to play at a funeral, you can view this here. The most popular songs played at a funeral My Way by Frank Sinatra and Time to say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

9. Do we have to stick to a template?

No. We offer many different templates to choose from at A Loving Tribute, this usually makes the ordering process a little easier for those taking on this task. However, we offer an ‘upload your own’ service, whereby you can create your booklet externally from our site, upload it and we will print it for you. We can also offer a bespoke design service, if you are looking for a specific design/ themed Order of Service. Simply get in touch with our team and request a bespoke design for your loved one.

10. Is it inappropriate to do something a little different for a funeral?

Absolutely not. The more personal, the better. In fact, there are many suppliers out there who specialize in ‘different’ funeral tributes. From bespoke coffins to themed vehicles and venues. A funeral is all about paying respects to your loved one, as well as celebrating their life and the more the funeral reflects the deceased’s personality and passions, we believe the more special they are to the mourners. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we have seen many themed tributes, from Formula 1 to Only Fools and Horses tributes, we have seen them all. As a Company, we love it when an order is placed which is a little different. We welcome these quirky orders and appreciate the love and thought that is put into them.

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